Straight shaft Waka paddle

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Good things take time. After a lengthy development and testing phase Waka paddles are finally here. Limited production. Currently only available direct from the Waka Workshop, Okere Falls, New Zealand. 

Waka Paddles are made for creeking and extreme racing.The blade shape is designed to provide power and stability. Tough dynel edges ensure durability and abrasion resistance. High-end carbon prepreg constructions maximises paddle strength. Neutrally positioned blades allow stability for both forward and backward strokes. These paddles are a game changer.

Both crank shaft and straight shaft options. Shafts also feature full carbon pre-prep construction.

Cranks shafts - individually customised for both hand spacing and paddle length.

Straight shafts (28mm and 29mm) - built- in locator blade, offset angle graphics to facilitate accurate set up.

Paddles provided as two pieces. Hot glue application prior to shipping. Simple join with heat application. Easy to disassemble and reassemble with heat for travel or angle change.